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March 2007
Iraq War and the Future

June 2008
Beyond the Surge

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Separated at Birth
How North Korea
Became the Evil Twin

by Gordon Cucullu

War Footing
10 Steps America Must Take to Prevail in the War
for the Free World
by Frank Gaffney Jr., forward by R. James Woolsey, introduction by Victor Davis Hanson.
Step 9, "Thwart China's Ambitions for Hegemony in Asia and Beyond" by Gordon Cucullu and Al Santoli



Sorting Out The Chaos

As some of you may already know, I come from a Special Forces background. We’ve been called Masters of Chaos. That’s a fitting name because we all live in a chaotic world, a world of many parts that has grown ever more confusing with global linkages and instant communications. Indications as far as I can tell lend me to think that it will become more so over time.

We deal with war, ideologies, energy issues, financial ups and downs, and countless other problems daily – with no easy solutions. While I have spent many years specializing in such topics as North Korea, Guantanamo Bay, the situation in Iraq and Afgahnistan, national security, and international terrorism, the spectrum of issues facing Americans and the world today is much larger.  Staying informed, sorting through the chaos by first studying and then placing events into context, and also soliciting additional insights and experiences that you yourself may want to share is what this website is about.

I think there are certain things that all informed citizens in a democracy need to know. After all, given the situation that we find ourselves in these days – in which the vast majority of Americans don’t trust politicians of any party, it is essential that we get smarter about issues that we are going to pay for, either with our tax dollars or with our lives.

Here is a list that will change from time to time – more likely with additions, because things aren’t getting simpler, much as we might wish them to become so. I invite you to delve into this list and make comments and suggestions to improve them.

My opinions are strictly my own – you may not agree with me, and I welcome contrary opinions and suggestions. You can send your comments for posting to me at, and I hope you take advantage of the opportunity.

This website and all of its contents (unless otherwise noted) are copyrighted
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